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Conceptual Artist-Fibers and Painting

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What Color Am I?

What Color Am I? Is a series of work that talks about my struggle of understanding my racial identity as someone of color raised by white adoptive parents. What does it mean to be Asian? To be Chinese? To be “yellow”? To be “white”? To be American? Where do people draw the racial lines and how do they categorize race? 

Maggots In The Rice

I am a maggot in the rice

That is my name

My name refers to the burden of girls and the preference for sons

I am a burden because my parents feed me but

than I am going to marry off and take care of the husband's family

But if I am not married by the time I reach 25 or

older than I will be considered a leftover woman

Of course my parents in China would want both

a son and a daughter but for a long time there

was the one child policy which was strictly

enforced through fines or in ways that we may consider inhumane like forced abortions

So here I am a maggot in the rice

Or should I say less than a maggot

Because I was abandoned

we've never talked but i'm your daughter
Dear Stranger

Dear Stranger is a letter to my birth parents formatted into a children's book. We all have those people that we no longer know. We all have those people that we have questions for and sometimes life doesn’t give us the opportunity to ask those questions. Ever since I was little people have asked me if I could would I want to meet my birth parents? To be honest, to this day I still don’t know if I want to meet them or not. I know that they gave birth to me and that we are connected by blood but they are still faceless strangers to me. They were never apart of my life and yet I'm still curious about them and I want them to be proud of me. In this piece I explore what I want to tell them without having to actually tell them. 

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The Way They See You

What is and is not okay to say to someone, that is the question? The Way They See You is a poem of actual interaction, a collection of both physical conversations and messages. With this piece I'd like people to reflect on both society and themselves and then decide what they believe is and is not okay to say. ⓒ 2021

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