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The Way They See You

What is and is not okay to say to someone, that is the question? The Way They See You is a poem of actual interaction, a collection of both physical conversations and messages. With this piece I'd like people to reflect on both society and themselves and then decide what they believe is and is not okay to say.

Full image The Way They See You Banner. Demensions: 12yd H X 1yd W

The Way They See You by Sarah Whyte

You're naive

You walk in a sexual way sometimes but you don't realize it because you have no experience

You're a wallflower that sometimes pops out

You wouldn't understand you're too innocent

You're still a virgin wow that's rare

You'd make a good wife

You'd make a great Asian stripper

You're really endearing

You look like a bitch but act like a dork

You obviously haven't played with yourself

You should go out with me because you never know someone may never love you as much as I do ever again

You are too thin

You look like you're anorexic

You are a black hole

You legit eat so much

You have an accent

You're not a foreign exchange student

You don't know Chinese

You have an accent because your tongue is made differently

You're such a flirt

You're too pure

You're too nice

You're such a bitch

You're fat

You're heavier than you look

You know I have to ask are you pregnant oh I guess you must have just gained weight

You know shut up your body’s fucking perfect you don’t have the right to complain

You don't understand

You're never mad

You're never sad

You only feel happy

You know she doesn’t like you because you’re too happy and give to many people hugs

You’re so sweet

You know like everyone likes you

You should just shut up

You look like you're twelve

You're fucking hot

You should send me nudes

You should play with yourself over Skype

You should tell me your kinks

You know sometimes I wish I could lock you away in a tower in order to protect you from this world and protect your innocence  so you don’t become corrupted

You never curse

You probably have gone out with a ton of guys

You know it’s funny when you curse

You are always wearing heels

You never wear makeup

You're wearing too much makeup

You're beautiful

You know I can't stop thinking about you

You know I want you to suck me dry

You know I want to cum all over those nice tits

You know I'm just really horny and hard lol and you're so hot and I really want you to ride me

You're so sexy

You know I wonder how tight you are lol  

You're such a turn on

You know I've also been thinking of fucking you since middle school

You wanna help me out?

You know I wish you were less mean

You know one day you'll be ugly too, but I'll still have a better education and more meaningful accomplishments then you

You won't have value to anyone cunt

You should always watch yourself

You know I thought he was going to try to rape you

You should also know like common sense things do affect others in a harsh way

You should go out with me

You don't like me because I'm a nice guy

You don't have a good reason to refuse me

You know my type is Asian

You know you should expect to be hit on

You know they won't take you seriously

You're too pretty to just be an artist

You don’t mind if I take a picture with you right, say cheese

You’re a virgin why not experiment

You could lick our tummies or maybe cock in your mouth

You know I’m really good with my hands so you would probably want to return the favor

You know we wouldn't penetrate you if we weren't special yet but just play some

You know practicing other skills isn’t asking too much right? Because I would like to find out just how tight you are by fingering you

You know I’d like knowing how good you could stroke me or suck me when you decide I deserve it

You know too bad you probably wouldn’t wanna come over and chill today

You know I’m so fucking harmless it’s ridiculous lol

You know we should play a who's better in bed game and hopefully you’ll end up a sore loser

You know I think we'd get hard between your legs

You know like if we each kissed one of your breasts at once

You know It might be hot

You know but just Imagine it, would it turn you on if you were laying on me while I was nude?

You wouldn't like it?

You're not interested in me?

You shouldn't be insecure

You know I didn’t want to go out with you anyways screw you you’re not even that pretty

You dressed up who's the lucky guy

Your presence freezes my sanity

You don't say enough

You're too quiet speak up

You're kind of an introvert

You're an old soul

You're very mature for your age

You shouldn't take off your heels they look pretty

You look like a little China doll

You cut your hair why

You're not like the other millennials

You're really old fashioned

You're so funny

You don't think I look that old right

You know I could help you in the art world and teach you stuff

You'd like this alcohol it's very fruity

You should try some of this

You should try weed

You should smoke

You've never been to a club

You don't have a fake ID

You are a great cook

You should cook for me

You don't mind if I put my arm around you right

You know I'm really big

You know Asian women have the tightest pussy

You are definitely my type

You know is it really sideways

You don't know the stereotype

You know I can come to hang out in the dorm if you invite me

You look good in my hat

You look good in my picture

You know my friends thought you were cute

You know right now am I bothering you my fault

You know It’s my insecurity not yours you are a great person

You know like our conversation just saying being with you are so kind and such a nice person I understand what you're saying and coming from you're too pure for almost anyone in this city so I am not after you as a girlfriend but just being good friends

You know people always think I’m flirting because I’m such a nice guy

You know I can be a bit of a womanizer

You know I don't manipulate and how am I not nice and yes I've made mistakes

You know sorry look I apologized to her cause I know it wasn't right ok I regret it and the sex thing a mistake I don't do that anymore I learned it was a mistake ok

You are doing this to me too great

You know well so far everyone handles it by leaving

You know I give everyone unlimited chances don't say I don't ok

You know we used to be best friends what happened

You know I saw you all the time talked to you all the time trusted you with everything

You know I don't care I still want you

You know me better than my closest friends do

You know It's my fault I fell for an amazing girl that I knew I couldn't be with

You know it's not your fault it's mine I'm sorry I will go

You know if you are a drug then I would want to stay addicted

You know you are like the song heart attack you don’t want to fall in love, you never say yes to the right guy and you never have trouble getting what you want

You’re so lucky so many guys like you

You know I wished I looked like you

You look like you walked out of a magazine

You know it’s okay to have standards

You are perfect

You are precious

You should lower your standards

You know you’re attractive enough to be crazy like even if you were a psychopath I would date you

You know you could become a successful artist and do well if you slept around with the right people

You should join tinder

You know you'd get a ton of likes on tinder

You know I would rate you a solid ten

You know you don’t have the smarts for tinder

You know he only dated you to make his ex-jealous

You know you meant nothing to him

You know If you don't find anyone then I'll be your love lol

You are afraid to fall in love because you think you will get hurt

You don't have any street smarts

You should just ignore them

You get catcalled what's that like meow cat calls hahaha

You know your boobs are kind of small

You know I wish I could make your boobs bigger other than that your perfect that’s like the only thing I’d change about you

You’re so lucky you have a thigh gap

You know I'm curious what's your bra size

You know I like smaller boobs they're perkier

You know I don't know we really just met but I really feel I love you so much

You know I'm in college and want to be with you in the same college

You know we should hang out

You know It's a private club do come by haha you don't have to drink

You should catch the popcorn in your mouth and then make seal noises

You know I wish you were my pet

You are very kawaii

You don't have to be so serious

You’re such a goody two shoe

You’re such a prude

You know I was joking right

You don't know what that is oh my gosh that's hilarious

You look the same as you did in middle school

You know I love you

You know I think we're soulmates

You know I’m obsessed with you

You're single there's no way

You're adopted

You and your sister look like twins

Your adopted does that mean you're one of the spoiled adopted kids

You know I figured your parents were white I mean your last name pretty much shouts it out

Hahaha but like how often do you see other Chinese girls

You know as in do you hang out with all white people and act like a white basic girl lol

You know whitewashed

You know I'm going to enjoy getting to know you

You know all the Asians should be in special smart people classes

You know I heard Chinese women have cash registers for souls

You're such a slut

You have a submissive personality

You know Asians are really smart and hardworking and are just better

You are a jungle kitten with a heart of gold girl

You know I’m look for a good nice girl and you seem like one. I just want to spoil a girl like you. I’m in shape and well educated. Oh yea I am married but she works a lot and I do too but she doesn’t give me the attention that I need. So I was wondering if this could be our little secret if you’re up for it.

You'd make a great escort

You'd make a great sugar baby

You know there's a lot of girls looking for sugar daddy's he was probably surprised you declined

You know they were staring at you

You know that man was talking to you

You know he was about to grab you right

You know you should carry pepper spray

You know you shouldn’t walk alone

You know I would grab you off the street

You know if you were homeless you'd probably get raped

You know shouldn't never stopped anyone!

You know Haha, thought I'd give it a try you're very cute

You know they are ignoring you right

You know she doesn't like you anymore because you are getting too popular

You don't understand you've always been thin

You don't understand what it's like to feel sad

You don't understand what it's like to feel alone

You're okay right


Close up images of The Way They See You Banner

Size: W 1 yd by H 12yd

Materials: Thread, India Ink, Pen, Grime on Poly Cotton Blend Fabric.

Started in 2017 last updated in 2019


The Way They See You Portraits Hey Pretty Geisha, You'd Make A Great Stripper and Hey China Sticks

Size: W 18in by H 24in

Materials: Pen, Marker and India Ink

Year: 2016

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