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Year: 2015
Preformance and script by Sarah Whyte
Video by Abdullah Quick

This video is about the children who were not adopted and was inspired by the 1996 Documentary the Dieing Rooms


Year: 2016
Short video 2 min 13 sec

The story of those left behind
The story of those who hold the invisible scar
The story
The story of the children China has left behind

People Forget

Year: 2016
Short video 22 sec

So many thoughts
So many things 
People forget

Growing Up

Year: 2016
Short video 43sec

Moving Images
This is me
The story of my life
I am Chinese
I am an American
I am growing up
I am only me

Did They Ever Exist In This Society

Year: 2016
Short video 2 sec

Disappear into the home The home that no one can find
Did they ever exist
Can society see them
Can Society here them
Did these children really exist 
Would anyone miss them
Would anyone care if they died 
Did they ever exist in society

A Glimpse Of Their World

Year: 2016
Short video 2 sec

A second
A moment 
A glimpse
A world
Their world
A  world you almost never see
A glimpse of the world of the nameless, the adopted and the forgotten in China
A glimpse
Of their world

Behind The One Child Policy

Year: 2016
Short video 20 sec

The issue
The pain
The guilt
The emotional scar left
The parents who had to say goodbye
The parents who left their child
Abandoned in the cities of China
The truth
Behind the one child policy

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